Job Announcement: Post-doctoral researcher

The research Group BIOFORGE (Group for Advanced Materials and Nanobiotechnology) of the University of Valladolid (Spain) offers a postdoctoral position to work in the area of new biomaterials for biomedical applications.


Applicants should have a doctorate degree in Bioscience: Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Tissue Engineering, Biomedicine, or related areas.

Skills and abilities

Candidates will have demonstrable experience with:

  • Genetic engineering techniques (editing, transformation, cloning, nucleic acids extraction and purification…)
  • Genomic and proteomic analysis techniques: sequencing, electrophoresis, WBs, PCR and rt-qPCR …
  • Cell culture techniques, expression analysis techniques, cell test (viability, proliferation, cytotoxicity…)
  • Basic histology techniques: sample preparation, staining, histochemistry and Immmuno histochemistry…
  • Confocal Microscopy and image analysis software (ImageJ…)
  • Statistical analysis, scientific writing, knowledge transfer
  • High level of English

We offer

  • A post-doctoral contract
  • Duration: 36 months, extendable for other 36 months
  • Salary (gross income): 33.305,70 €/year

Job duties

The selected candidate will be working on the main research line of BIOFORGE group, focused in the design, generation, characterization and the analysis of biocompatibility and functionality of new biomaterials based in protein recombinamers. The main duties, functions, and tasks to develop will be, among others:

  • Optimising the genetic design and editing recombinamers sequences
  • Cloning, purifying, analysing…selected polipeptidic sequences 
  • Performing in vitro studies of cell expression, biocompatibility, proliferation, cytotoxicity…
  • Histological analysis and/or specific in vivo test with animal models
  • Data analysis
  • Writing scientific articles and technical reports and transfer knowledge of results

For more information

Edificio LUCIA Universidad de Valladolid
Contact person: Gema Martínez


The official call is published in this link:

Applicants must check the official call and verify that they meet the eligibility criteria before filling in the application form.

The deadline for application is 28th September 2022