Our student Arturo Ibáñez Fonseca defended his thesis

Arturo Ibáñez Fonseca defended his thesis, entitled “Novel hydrogel-forming elastin like recombinamers for biomedical applications”, on the 24th of November 2017. In his thesis, carried out under the supervision of Fco. Javier Arias Vallejo and Matilde Alonso Rodrigo, Arturo studied the biocompatibility of ELR-based hydrogels to use them in the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine field. Specifically, he showed that these hydrogels promoted bone regeneration in vivo. Moreover, fluorescent hydrogels were also obtained, showing a Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) when ELRs genetically fused to two different fluorescent proteins were combined to form the hydrogels. In summary, his thesis sheds light on the use of ELRs in biomedical applications.

Congratulations Arturo, we wish you the best!!