Our student Filippo Cipriani defended his thesis

On October 4th, our student Filippo Cipriani presented his thesis entitled «ENGINEERING RESPONSIVE AND BIOMIMETIC MATERIAL BASED ON ELASTIN-LIKE RECOMBINAMERS FOR BIOMEDICAL APPLICATION» under the supervision of  Prof. José Carlos Rodríguez Cabello and Prof. Israel González de Torre.

In his Thesis, Filippo estudied the ELRs technology with its outstanding properties; the leitmotiv is represented by the development of engineering material in a sort of journey towards the exploration of new possibilities, mashing approaches and crossing boundaries. This Thesis is composed by several chapters regarding the development of novel Biomaterials. Two different gelation mechanisms for hydrogel formation has been explored in order to address the complex issue of Tissue Regeneration for Cartilage and Bone. Moreover, several ELR-designs have been explored for the generation of new classes of smart Biomaterials.

Well done Filippo! We wish you all the best!