Our student Soraya Salinas Fernández defended her Thesis

Our student Soraya Salinas Fernández has defended her Doctoral dissertation on September 25th.  In her thesis, entitled «Development of biomaterials based on Elastin Like Recombinamers for 3D Bioprinting applications», she studied the properties governing this type of biomaterials for their development as bioinks.

Moreover, she ended by developing a new advanced protein-based bioink with the ability to self-assembly taking advantage of its thermoresponsive behaviour. The easy handling of this bioink, along with its physical properties, enable the accurate controlling over the extrusion of the bioink. In this way, the bioink can be extruded together with cells for the construction of biomimetic 3D bioprinted architectures.

This thesis has been developed under the supervision of Prof. José Carlos Rodríguez Cabello and Dr. Mercedes Santos García.

Well Done Soraya! We wish you all the best!